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Expansion Speakerphone VC520Pro/VC540

Full-duplex microphone array speakerphone, with echo cancellation
Advanced noise suppression
Speaker volume: Adjustable to 90dB SPL at 0.5M
Touch controls for volume down, up, mute, phone input, call, and hang-up
Can bridge phone-in and USB into one call


Expansion Speakerphone VC520 Pro / VC540

Get Perfect Audio with an Extended Speakerphone

The VC520 Pro2 offers balanced and steady audio performance. As the first conferencing system in the industry to deliver a daisy-chain function, the VC520 Pro2 supports either up to two expansion speakerphones or a full duplex microphone array. The inventive speakerphone makes the VC520 Pro2 a flexible option for fit mid-to-large conference rooms.
Expansion speakerphones and microphones cannot be added together.
The standard speakerphone cannot be applied as an expansion speakerphone.


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